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Summertime means blueberry pie

Lattice Top Blueberry Pie

Oh my.  Oh my my.  Now I have to find a way to say this is blueberry pie without rhyming.  That mostly worked.

I love making blueberry pies.  Although I think they’re delicious, they’re not my favorite of the bunch (that would be lemon meringue, but all things considered? I’m more of a cake girl than a pie girl*).  Although I do love them and they say summer to me.  This summer has been odd, however. Not nearly as hot and humid as summers usually are, and very rainy. Although I have a difficult time complaining about lack of humidity and heat. Especially since it’s SO much easier to make a pie crust in this kind of weather. Continue reading


Ay! Bake me some pie!

I had a little conversation with a co-worker over email today that made me feel oddly self-satisfied in ways that it shouldn’t. It also tells me I need to learn how to interact like a total non-dork sometimes. That will be tricky. We’ll call that one a “long-term goal.”

Co-worker: I made a peach pie with a half the sugar the other day. It is surprising just how different it was. Not so sweet, and maybe a touch less flavor, but my goodness, it was really refreshing and light. It was one of those mistakes that turned out not what you wanted, but good nevertheless.

Me: I bet if you made it with 2/3 the sugar it would boost the flavor but keep the lightness and refreshingness. I really want to make pie. Pie pie pie pie. With blueberries. Or blackberries. Oooh! Or chicken pots.

Co-Worker: I so want to make blackberry ice cream I can almost taste it. What are chicken pots?

Me: Duh, they’re what you use to make chicken pot pie.

Co-Worker: You want to make a chicken pot pie in summer?

Me: No, but I wanted to confuse you with references to chicken pots.

Co-Worker: I’m lost…. You have succeeded.

Me: I believe my work here is done. I’m going home.