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Making gluten-free pizza

pizza, cooked
The first time I ever made a gluten-free pizza crust, the mini-series that preceded the show The Starter Wife was on, and we were watching it idly.  It annoyed me.  The commercials for the series that followed drove me up the wall and significantly dampered my appreciation for Psych and Burn Notice

The pizza crust was a mix from ‘Cause You’re Special, that was extremely delicious.  And so sticky, that after trying to spread it around the pan for an hour and literally yelling at it with rage and frustration that the Pants – for the first and ONLY time – took over making the pizza crust.  With the grace of waxed paper, olive oil and a wooden spoon, he got it all arranged in the pan, we had pizza and holy cow was it delicious.

Pizza toppings

I do wonder from time to time whether it was this freaking crust incident that made me have such disdain and annoyance for The Starter Wife, but then I realized that no, it was just that bad of a show.  So it was cancelled, and I found a pizza crust recipe from scratch that I love and have tweaked it to my liking.  All’s right with the world. Continue reading

Tuna Macaroni Summer Salad

Tuna Macaroni Salad

My mom made this for us every summer for a cold lunch, dinner, snack that wouldn’t overheat the kitchen and would keep for days.  It’s the sort of thing that is a typical 1970’s magazine recipe laden with cheese and mayonnaise and canned tuna (quelle horreur!) but that I want to eat every summer. Continue reading