Summertime means blueberry pie

Lattice Top Blueberry Pie

Oh my.  Oh my my.  Now I have to find a way to say this is blueberry pie without rhyming.  That mostly worked.

I love making blueberry pies.  Although I think they’re delicious, they’re not my favorite of the bunch (that would be lemon meringue, but all things considered? I’m more of a cake girl than a pie girl*).  Although I do love them and they say summer to me.  This summer has been odd, however. Not nearly as hot and humid as summers usually are, and very rainy. Although I have a difficult time complaining about lack of humidity and heat. Especially since it’s SO much easier to make a pie crust in this kind of weather.

Blueberry Pie slice

I make these in the summer when, um, fresh blueberries are available.  This is the first time I got the lattice top crust to mostly work (although there are 7 strips instead of 8 which makes me tic a little.  But 7 is a prime number so I’m okay. A dork, but okay.)

One thing pie has on cake? The a la mode factor is way awesomer.
Blueberry Pie a` la mode

I am having a hard time thinking I should post the recipes, even rejiggered because I didn’t rejigger them at all.  I got the pie recipe from Elise, the lattice top instructions from Elise, and the gluten-free crust recipe from an old Wild Oats recipe.

The only sort of notes that I have are that next time I’d use a smidge more flour on the blueberries (they didn’t set terribly well, but it was mostly okay), I’d use spectrum shortening in the crust instead of butter (like I usually do, this time I didn’t), and to roll out the crust for the lattice top thicker than you would for the bottom so it handles better.  Stick the top crust in the freezer for a few (around 3) minutes so it doesn’t fall apart, but not so long that the strips become rigid and break.

Don’t forget to enjoy summer while it lasts.

*That being said, I LOVE Waitress which makes me l0ve pies more than I did before seeing it.  Oh how I love Waitress. You can find some of the movie pie recipes here.


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