Ernie with a blue bandana

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Ernie with a blue bandana, originally uploaded by swandive00.

My little guy, the geriatric, is starting to show his age…

He’s getting cataracts… :(

As long as he isn’t running into walls, I guess.


5 responses to “Ernie with a blue bandana

  1. i love him and i have never even met him.

  2. heatherfeather

    He TOTALLY feels the same way about you!

    He’d even pee on your foot with excitement if he met you.

  3. love you, Blernie.

  4. poor little ernieface. just don’t make him wear those funny oldpeoplewraparoundsunglasses.

  5. that face! that face!

    i want to grab his head & pull his lips toward me for some smoochin’.

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