"Hmm… it’s missing something…"

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“Dude, I know! Maybe a monkey?”


7 responses to “"Hmm… it’s missing something…"

  1. You know, that’s the most beautiful painting I’ve ever seen. Did you buy it? It will totally be worth more than the Mona Lisa, and it expresses the horrors and pain of war much more than Guernica.

  2. I had the same thought…why is there a monkey involved again? Maybe there are banana shenanigans we don’t know about.

  3. Bry – I was TOTALLY going to buy it – it was only $39! But Pants talked me down from the ledge. I may go back however.

    Lotusknits – I’m going to say banana shenanigans all day long now. bananashenanigans!!

  4. A bit like the Victorians, they didn’t know when to say “stop”.

  5. I think they are in beautiful animal heaven, and the littlest angel is just trying to ignore the monkey as best she can.

  6. That almost beats the fighting cocks we have at my house: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14363101@N00/206670213/in/photostream/

  7. oh man, that cracked me up. A monkey?? What is the monkey doing there—in an otherwise painful painting, you’ve now got a monkey in the mix.
    Thanks for sharing.

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