Oh, dearie me!

The ever lovely Bryony has told me that I make her day! (Probably amusing only to me and possibly h a i k u g i r l, is the fact that I forgot to copy Bryony’s URL and the first link I put in was for the last URL I copied which was this. It came up in a discussion of Teeth. This is no reflection on Bryony.)

She nominated me because I kick her arse at Scrabulous (although it’s dead even in our most recent match), but I have to nominate her right back because she calls me Petal and tells me to KNIT MORE, both of which are beyond awesome in their own right, not to mention the swapping of gluten-free (mis)adventures. I hope her broken nerves calm down soon so she can sew and knit and frolic about the webbernets more. And she TOTALLY makes my day. :) (I am now waiting for chocolate and dog bubbles, missy)

Who else makes my day? That has to be the aforementioned h a i k u g i r l, because we talk about boys and local food and cute glasses and the French and knitting and vaginae dentatae.

The blogfallow for 9 months but Twittery semaphoria, for always being my friend even though we’ve only seen each other twice since 1994. I love hearing about her family, her job, her travels to Alaska in winter, as well as miss the heck out of her on a daily basis. She also introduced me to the crack that generally is Orisinal and specifically, Winterbells.

Another person who makes my day is Chris Cope, who will likely mock me and smack me around for giving him a blog award, not to mention one with flowers. However he’s an excellent blogger and commenter and columnist, even though he’s frustrated with all of those, as well as university, but he speaks Welsh and is the only reason Pants comes to my blog – on the off chance that Chris has left a comment, so suck it, Cope. I mean, congratulations Cope!

Certainly not least is Cafemama. Now she doesn’t read my blog but I wait with baited breath for the days that she does a new post as she and I are both at the same level of obsession about local food and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle… Alas, I have not been as good as she has about starting to eat local (and I’m still trying to figure out how to get gluten-free flours and whatnot locally, or if that will have to be on my exception list… And basically I need to start buying more locally, but there’s a CSA I’m interested in near Frederick, MD that will also allow me to spend some time learning about farming/gardening so that when I have a home with some land to work, I’ll have an inkling of what to do. Still haven’t decided how I’ll deal with getting dirt on my hands, though…)

So, youse guys make my day.

And I have to get back to my salsa verde carnitas. And exercise huge restraint, even though Elise posted a red velvet cupcake recipe.


4 responses to “Moi?

  1. I’m hoping that this award comes with a T-shirt or something. Any award that doesn’t come with a T-shirt isn’t worth a damn. That’s the real reason no one showed up at the Golden Globes this year.

  2. I’m sure Heather will make you a t-shirt Chris, although it may be knitted. Or have something to do with rude things.

    Heather, why on earth has someone made that film?! And why do you assume that I don’t have one of those myself? I am affronted. Although maybe Dave is a reasonably sure indication of whether I have one. Next somebody will be making a film about merkins.

  3. h a i k u g i r l

    I heart you. You make my day, too.

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