2007 Knitting Triumphs

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2007 Knitting Triumphs, originally uploaded by swandive00.

I find it unlikely that I will finish the pants’ hat before 2008, so a bit prematurely, here’s the collage of what i finished in 2007.

Noticeably absent (at least to me) is Coachella, which although finished looks like crap on me and will be frogged soon enough.

I love knitting, I just have less time to do it. I guess being unemployed for 9 months after grad school spoiled me for all the time for yarn and needles that I had come to expect for myself.

I also put Ms. Marigold in there twice because I wanted to have a somewhat even mosaic and I like the half-drunk picture.

Hooray for knitting! And click through the pic for details!

4 responses to “2007 Knitting Triumphs

  1. I love that scarf in the upper right corner! Is that Argosy?

  2. You betcha! Its also known as a terribly unblockable scarf that is rolypoly.

  3. inspirational! i kinda want to quit my job to knit more.

  4. yeah to bad we dont get paid to knit…. Life isnt fair… Great Triumps!!! Congrats.

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