hello? bloggy mojo? are you there?

Every so often The Pants will say to me, “you haven’t been blogging lately. It’s been a while since your last post.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Not to mention, the only thing that’s been keeping me going lately is the ability to post pictures. But since the demise of my sad camera that I was so excited for when I bought it in NYC, even though I couldn’t stand the damn thing, my blogivation has been waning and waning.

But I’m not ready to make a public declaration that I Am Quitting The Blog, so I’m going to post when I want about what I want.

Oh wait, I did that anyway.

However, here is my news for today:

I am doing Christmas baking
I have no Christmas tree
I made butter today with cream from Eastern Market
I made in in an early Christmas present from The Pants’ Dad (thanks again!)
Ernie is laying on the floor, as is his S.O.P.
Pants and I are going to the movies tonight
I am knitting legwarmers (1.2 down, 0.8 to go!)
I am knitting the Pants’ Autobot hat (doubleknit, 3.0mm needles, very slow)
I am taking next week off entirely, and going in on New Year’s Eve (seriously?!)

I sort of miss the conception of blogging, but don’t have the motivation.

But, dude. I made butter.

3 responses to “hello? bloggy mojo? are you there?

  1. Ohhh! Butter! I have never tried! Next time I’m in DC, let’s go to Eastern Market ensemble!

    Love ya!

  2. I’m with you on the blogging thing.

  3. i got to see pictures of pants on your facebook.

    you + pants = effing adorable

    and he is right – you haven’t been blogging much.

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