it’s early. or late.

either way, i can’t tell because i wish i were still asleep. but i digress, because look! knitting!

here’s some stuff i made:
everlasting bagstopper
Everlasting Bagstopper
Everlasting Bagstopper condensed

pomatomus socks

(as well as how they dyed my needles blue)

back-to-school u-neck vest
Back-to-School U-neck vest

i finished the knitting on the UO circular shrug too, but it’s not quite big enough so i’m deciding what to do about that.

i’m dull, i’m sorry.


4 responses to “it’s early. or late.

  1. Gracious, you’ve been busy! The pomotamuses are lovely. I’m gonna make me one of those bags someday soon, too.

  2. Lovely socks! Don’t you hate when the yarn dyes your needles! Cool bag too.

  3. You should make baby clothes :)

  4. You are on a knitting streak! WOW

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