preppy and evidently half drunk

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i knitted my vest! and it makes me look preppy, especially with this hairstyle.

but i’ll be darned if i don’t look drunk, too.


6 responses to “preppy and evidently half drunk

  1. I like! I also wish I could finish something one of these days…

  2. Preppy and drunk are an amusing combination. And that vest is super cute!

  3. And sassy! You definitely look sassy – so combine preppy, drunk, and sassy, and you’re totally the girl at a boarding school who sneaks whiskey into the punch bowl at the President’s Luncheon, drinks four cups, and then goes around telling all the other girls on the debate team, “See, you know what YOUR problem is?” and then telling them.

    In other words, I love it.

  4. dude, is there any other way to be other than drunk? especially at work?

  5. Very cute! You are the preppiest of preppy, and the drunkiest of the drunk ;) There is nothing wrong with that wonky faced drunkard look tho – we already established that, and don’t you forget it!

    Is it ms marigold btw?

  6. i like your accessories as well–ID badges are hot!

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