an early morning exchange

[scene: au bon pain at l’enfant plaza, waiting for caffeination]

au bon pain girl: next please.

heatherfeather: hi, may i have a medium iced coffee please?

abpg: that will be $1.72. [hands me paper cup, sleeve, and lid]

hf: i’m sorry, can i have an iced coffee please?

abpg: i charged you for iced coffee.

hf: …


hf: um, can i have a cold cup with ice then? do i fill it myself at the coffee pots, like the hot coffee?

abpg: i CHARGED you for an iced coffee. [pushes paper cup, sleeve and lid toward me]

hf (increasingly confused, as the item that would decrease confusion was the item in question): but i don’t want hot coffee, i wanted cold coffee.

abpg: oh, you wanted it cold?

hf: yes?

abpg: i thought you just wanted to pay for an iced coffee.* [gets plastic cup, fills to the brim with iced coffee] oops. did you want me to put ice in this?

ETA: this is my second favorite coffee foible… my first is here.
*which is more expensive than hot coffee. yes please, charge me more for hot coffee!


8 responses to “an early morning exchange

  1. wow. she was a special kind of stupid.

  2. Wow…that’s pretty bad.

  3. Dang. I wonder how she functions.

  4. Huh. Do they not get free drinks? You were clearly not the only one suffering from undercaffeination.

  5. I’m betting that somebody has to wear Velcro shoes.

  6. h a i k u g i r l

    What happened is strange enough but what’s terrible is that hot coffee poured over ice is watery and not so good. Some may say that it tastes like tin. Liquid tin with cream and sugar. Ew.

    Do you think cheap-skates really badger the poor counter people into charging them for cheaper “iced” coffee to save, like what, a quarter? Lame.

  7. This is one of the more humorous anecdotes I’ve read in some time. I’m sure it wasn’t all that funny to experience, but, wow. That girl sounds like she’s about a day away from having a thought.

    We had a waitress like that in San Angelo at an IHOP once. They are definitely the ones you remember.


  8. I think I used to try to buy iced coffee from that girl like five years ago. I see she’s gone far in her career during that time.

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