quietly, quietly

i am feeling underwhelmed with blogging. many things going on. alternately good and not so good.

work is very good lately.

my uncle passed away on monday from lung cancer.

panda lo mein got a job in DC and will be moving here in the next month.

calling panda lo mein “butterstick” is also good.

not going home for my uncle’s funeral is not so good.

the mosquitoes also suck.

i miss my dad this week. well, i miss him all the time, but much more keenly this week.

labyrinth will be playing in a local theater next week. (patrick just did a post on david bowie’s codpiece.)

ernie is a good dog. clover is a good cat.


5 responses to “quietly, quietly

  1. oh man, sorry to hear about your uncle.

  2. :( My condolences on your uncle.

  3. i’m sorry to hear about your uncle. lots of hugs!

  4. Bryony Ramsden

    Poo :( I’m sorry petal. Big big hugs to you across the water.

  5. Not an uncle in Denver, perchance? A coworker died of lung cancer on Monday too…are we more connected than we realized?

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