look eye, always look eye!

i had a fabulous weekend which included the following:

  1. magical pei lo mein, butterstick herself!
  2. cheap vending machine glitter temporary tattoos!
  3. moby dick!
  4. buying HP7 (and having butterstick buy me HP4 which i’ve never owned but is my favorite!)
  5. the madness of downtown silver spring all gussied up as diagon alley (and people who think HP costume contests include dressing up as slooty witches) with a florian fortescue’s, leaky cauldron and flourish and blotts. okay that part wasn’t the most fun, but it was…er, something.
  6. going kayaking on the potomac again at thompson boat center. (note to self, i’m not good at sharing responsibility and tasks in a double kayak. next time, pants and i will get separate kayaks)
  7. getting a GOOD PEDI for the first time since i’ve been here. and! it’s cheaper than any other place i’ve gone here! and! they did such a good job…
  8. eating an amazingly yummy dinner at rosemary’s thyme bistro in dupont circle (be forewarned, the bartender has a heavy hand, which led to me ordering then returning an orange martini, then getting a sprite).
  9. watching the karate kid on DVD, purchased from the sale bin at giant.
  10. brunch at the diner in adams morgan.
  11. shopping for suits at filene’s basement.
  12. dairy queen

i have rekindled pomatomus, the second sock as well as cast on for elisa’s nest tote. i cast off coachella, but need to weave in ends. i don’t like it that much. booooooooo…

3 responses to “look eye, always look eye!

  1. I love the Thompson Boat Center…I live about a block away. Not so close to Tryst, though…although it’s a great place to nosh!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rosemary Thyme’s! Perfect place for brunch! Can we go there when I visit??

  3. be strong! be strong! lovely weekend with even lovelier people. i’m a pudgy panda now. :)

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