Google AdSense is scary

so i was checking my email this morning and lo! Google AdSense comes up with something very interesting.

Here’s the close-up.
Zoom Google Ad

seriously google? i don’t want to buy that.


5 responses to “Google AdSense is scary

  1. Thank god those *aren’t* the ads based on the contents of your emails. Otherwise, we’d have to wonder if you have some bizarre side business going on…

  2. oh come on, EVERYONE needs a semen tank! right?

  3. But they’re on sale! ON SALE! How can you resist?

  4. ivar forkbeard

    yes you do…you know you do! hell, i want one!

  5. heatherfeather

    it is a bit of a quandry, right?

    and forkbeard, no one is surprised by that, darlin’. :)

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