gather ’round children

actually, don’t gather ’round… there’s not going to be much in the way of storytime.

i finished isabella, i don’t love her – too short in the body AGAIN. stupid chestiness, making shirts that are long enough for normal humans WAY TOO SHORT on me… not many pictures.

i’m knitting and knitting, going to and from work, and basking in the glory that is 94 degree weather with 71% humidity.

at least i have straight hair.


4 responses to “gather ’round children

  1. ugh! sorry you are not happy with it. I am not happy with the weather. I don’t have straight hair :(

  2. heatherfeather

    oi, yeah, that stinks. it stunk so much yesterday that i bummed a car and drove to work to stay out of it. no such luck today.

    stupid waiting at bus stops…

  3. yuck! I have the same thing happen to me all the time – and by all the time I mean when I buy tops – I’m currently knitting my first sweater for me, fingers crossed it won’t happen or I may quit forever. :)

  4. You manage straight hair in 71% humidity? HOW!? (From someone who’s hair goes frizzy at the sight of water!)

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