a tale of laughter, a tale of swearing

isabella is almost completely seamed. i took such care with finishing her… in fact, i’ve never been so careful in finishing a handknit before.

i beautifully matress stitched the left side seam.

i tried 6 different ways of finishing the shoulder seam, to finally settle on grafting them, even though the stitches are bound off, seaming the right side and the left side.

i mattress stitched the right seam to see, that oh crap. i have NO idea how but the right front side up to the arm hole is about 1″ longer than the right back side up to the armhole. it’s also 1″ longer than the left front and the left back. WTF? seriously?

it’s been put aside for now until i can figure out if i’m going to ungraft the shoulder seam and reknit the entire right front or if i’m over it and will just mattress stitch somewhat lumpily and get them to be the same length come hell or high water.

it might be the latter.


3 responses to “a tale of laughter, a tale of swearing

  1. I call that the Penny Special. Put some much work into something, and if it isn’t right at the end, figure out something that almost fixes it, but leaves it kinda funny looking. Happens more than I’d care to admit.

  2. Wait…is “Isabella” the official name for such an item, deemed so by the most powerful, secretive inner knitting circle, or do you actually give names to your knitted garments, thus giving them anthropomorphic qualities?

    If the answer is the former, I’ll never ever make fun of knitting, because if they have a secretive inner circle it means that they probably have the power to kill.

    And if the answer is the latter, well, don’t use any male names like Tom for example. Because if you put Isabella and Tom in the same closet, chances are you’ll open your closet one day to find that Isabella has given birth to a ball of yarn, and clothes don’t make very good parents.

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