i didn’t spend a nickel

i didn’t. not one thin dime on yarn, roving, spindles, sheep…. at the maryland sheep and wool festival. don’t belive me? ask the sheep.

see? however, i may have eaten lamb while there. however, semaphoria knows well my inappropriate food choices (i.e. eating lobster after watching the little mermaid).

going and frolicking amongst the ruminants really made me want to start knitting more again. i’m figuring out how to balance work, commute, home finally, and am ready to start my craftiness. so i cast on for ms. marigold in the long-neglected frog tree alpaca i bought from jess half a lifetime ago and started 3 different projects on, subsequently frogging each. i don’t even know if i’ll like it in this pattern – i think the color’s a little dark.

what’s interesting is that i’m just not feeling the blogging mojo lately. unless i finish a knittin’ project. i think that by necessity this is turning into a knitblog. which isn’t terrible, but it is what it is. i’ve been blogging since late 2003 or so, and i feel like i’m more invigorated by living my life than by talking about it. so in the meantime there are some pics, not a ton, here.

of my favorites, the fluffy bunny and the lambs not on leashes following their leashed mama.


2 responses to “i didn’t spend a nickel

  1. gawd, pants had to go through that?

  2. ~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~

    Ha ha ha… baaaaaaa…..
    That made me laugh!

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