Giant Florist?!?!

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Giant Florist?!?!, originally uploaded by swandive00.

1. Jump on his or her toe until your presence is noticed.
2. Speak loudly so the sound carries all the way up there.
3. Order hardy blooms that won’t be crushed by your giant florist’s enormous fingers and less than optimal dexterity for handling tiny buds.
4. No checks, please.


3 responses to “Giant Florist?!?!

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize that I had my own giant! It says right there on the sign that I can call 1-888 for MY GIANT. Not your giant, but mine! To think I have my own personal giant running around somewhere! Obviously, the other countries hate us because they’re jealous. They just wish they could call a number and get their own giant like we Americans can.

  2. see what you miss out on living on the left coast?

    you would have known about having your very own giant.

  3. Aaahahaha!!!!

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