remember when i used to knit?

i started the embossed leaves socks about 3 weeks ago – and haven’t touched them in almost 2 weeks… i’m still in the first repeat of the first sock. knitting on the bus makes me want to barf.

in good news though, i’ve been playing the guitar again. i went to see a friend’s brother, jake armerding, play at jammin’ java in vienna (sadly, virginia, not austria) with jesse harper from old school freight train, and someone else not very good and got the folk-makin’ music bug again.

so yesterday i learned patty griffin’s “chief” and played it and some old favorites i haven’t dusted off in a while for about 4 hours. pants is talking about helping convert my second bedroom into a knitting room/recording studio.

with an air mattress for guests.


3 responses to “remember when i used to knit?

  1. Ooh, Jake! I went to college with him for a couple years. And he’s on David Wilcox’s 2nd live album. Oh, Ithaca…

  2. can i sleep on the aerobed sometime?

  3. Jake Jake Jake – yes indeedy. He’s back at IOTA this weekend too. Fun performer, incredible musician. All around good guy.

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