the most i’ll probably ever say "placido domingo" in a single post

i have seen many things this weekend. and the best of all? one of the things i seen was the lovely mariamamama with her supercute hair!


we went to jaleo for dinner with pants, and back to her hotel, where there’s a slim chance she forgot her room number and tried her key in 18 of the 20 room doors on the floor. her room would have been the 19th. there were…um, sounds… coming from some of the rooms, so we deduced those were probably not hers. at least we hoped so.

we got into her room, she gave me truffles (god love her), and i was amazed that she had a prime number of pillows (if you don’t count the brown one) on her bed all lined up sideways.

hiltonian pillows

at any rate, mariamamamamamamama came down from nyc to sing for placido domingo!

the crappy part of that was she didn’t sing for placido domingo because he wasn’t there.

but i went and picked her up after her audition, and pulled up in front of a limo. out of which popped placido domingo! good ol’ placido checked out mariama in her smokin’ hot dress and blue converse, and mariamamama hopped into the car, and away we went.

i also saw the airbus 380 through my boss’ window yesterday as it flew near washington DC. what a gigantic plane. it looks like it’s gonna fall out of the sky. let’s hope it doesn’t.


3 responses to “the most i’ll probably ever say "placido domingo" in a single post

  1. i like a lot of pillows and i have stayed in hotels where they have been arranged in this way, but after a night on the town, its novely is lost and just becomes very confusing.

  2. Last time me stay in hotel they gived me lots of pillows too. In middle of night me have dream that me eat all of them. When me wake up, me collection of giant marshmallows was gone! Me may never go back to Minnesota’s Monster Marshmallow Meet ever again.

  3. jaleo?????? i think i moved to the wrong city!!!!!

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