we could pretend that i knit really fast

we have discussed them here. the problem was first the color palette and then the gauge. then we had them here. and gauge was STILL the issue.

i finished these a little over a month ago, and had been too busy to photograph and post them. but now i did it. here they are, the mittens of anemoi!

egad!  my gauge changed!
(pardon the hair issues. i’m having issues with my hair. evidently)

FO Report!
eunny jang’s anemoi mittens
yarn: opal uni in something obnoxiously green and fortissima socka yarn solid in cream-ish (i should work harder on saving ball bands for this moment…)
needles: addi turbo 3.00 mm
date started: sometime in december, then december again, then january 2007
date finished: february 4, 2007, taken off the blocking board at 6 am on february 5 so as to be worn during my february trip to washington.
mods: none
notes: oy to the vey, people. the pattern was flawless (except i don’t like eunny’s direction during the italian tubular cast-on to do k1tbl, swyif during the set-up rows… it gives a twisty look to the yarn, and not the smooth, classic tubular cast-on). this being my first colorwork project, i didn’t mind the starting and restarting. however when i was doing the second mitten, i wish i had tried it on periodically as it wound up WAY GIANTER than the first mitten. do you see?

little mitten, big mitten
let’s pretend my purl column doesn’t suck, tensionwise, while we’re here.

if you can’t see there, look at this:
right mitten (first mitten) 10.5 stitches per inch

the first mitten

left mitten (second) 9 stitches per inch.

the second mitten
(cough. okay so i also didn’t get pattern gauge, whatever)

so, it’s way bigger and looser and not nearly as warm as the first mitten. i may frog and reknit this mitten on my brittany birch 2.75mm dpns, if i’m feeling up to tackling colorwork on dpns. maybe… we’ll see… in the meantime, they do what they oughta…


3 responses to “we could pretend that i knit really fast

  1. wow, i would spend a lot of money for mittys like that! and your hair looks good, too. gsis rachel

  2. hey rachel – thanks! and thanks again! how’s it going in den?

  3. knitting looks hard. i am still in awe, seriously. my head hirts.

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