cool for cats

we are so cool that at almost midnight on a friday night, the pants and i are importing cds into our computers for upload into our respective ipods.



15 responses to “cool for cats

  1. i love being cool. and hf, will you wear some romulan ears for me please.

  2. (dirty)

  3. Pants (Name Under Protest)

    i can’t believe you made me log in to your blog from my computer when your computer is literally right next to me.

  4. i can’t believe we’re talking through comments on my blog when your computer is literally right next to me.

  5. and what? you don’t wear pants?

    is that the source of the protest?

    i gave you that name so you could feel like you’re the one wearing the pants.

  6. pants (going to shoot myself with this name)

    hf, will you please get me a coke from the kitchen..thanks

  7. no.

    you’re closer.

  8. um yeah i am…but you’re the girl :-)

    (that was a joke for all of you women ready to unleash the fury of ages on me)

  9. i feel the need to skip and jump as i’m not weighted down by the burden of masculinity and testicles.

    that must be the only reason you don’t want to go to the kitchen.

    although you’re in the kitchen now, so will you get me a coke, please?

  10. ok. i was in the kitchen until you called me back to read the blog…so you get the coke.

    and no i won’t be drawn into a discussion of my or any other man’s testicles.

    oh, and i see you are barefoot… so you, in fact, belong in the kitchen right now.

  11. ooh, i need socks!

    okay, NOW we’re nerds.

  12. aaannnnddd… we are back to knitting. i’m out :-)

  13. for the record, pants have no testicles… i know this for a fact.

  14. I like the new layout mucho!!

  15. vic, dare i ask how you know this for a fact?

    ashley – thanksamuch!

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