the last knitted object of 2006

sillyhead 001
Originally uploaded by swandive00.

it’s the sillyhead hat. i made it surprising.

sillyhead 002
it got stretched out. i shoulda used one size smaller needle.

it’s made of lion wool in dark teal and cream, knitted on size US8s, circularly, and then grafted across the top without decreasing.

i gave it balls on the corners, because, well, how could i not?


5 responses to “the last knitted object of 2006

  1. Excellent knitting. Stupendous hat.

  2. But is it fast?

  3. h_g: thanks!

    coconuts: absolutely.

  4. Love it- and so hot right now!

  5. omg – I saw this EXACT SAME HAT when I was shopping last night. At The Children’s Place. Maybe that’s not as impressive as I thought it was…but if the whole international security thing doesn’t work out, you have an excellent opportunity with the 10 and under set! Ditto on the excellent knitting.

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