thug life, shifty rolls the dice, snake-eyed surprise

once upon a time, i foolishly knitted an all-wool hat in new york city in the middle of the frakkin’ humid, hot summer in a starbucks and a rent-controlled apartment in washington heights.

it was the famed hat of kittyville.

i gave it to the purtiest, snarkiest opera singer i know.

2005.08.26 016
everyone loves a german girl in cat ears.

opera singer ridiculously had a metamoment and put it on her cat who was highly displeased to be wearing extra cat ears.

too many kittyheads on one cat

then, i made one for me in my tiny house in denver. i added racing stripes so i could Go Real Fast. it made me paranoid.

Mamacita is paranoid

the time came to wear the kittyhead once more, and immediately, the large mouth bass was smitten by the kitten. so she asked me to make her one. which i did right away. and i was finishing it in front of her when suddenly i realized my fatal error. i didn’t give her any racing stripes so she could Go Real Fast. i learned this when mr. large mouth bass mentioned she had been talking ALL WEEK about how she can’t do anything fast yet, but once she got her kitty hat she’d totally be able to Go Real Fast. doh!

kittyville came in and asked for a midriff augmentation
oh no!

luckily, people all over the webbernets who knit have been going crazy by hacking into their knitting with scissors. what with my newfound ability for grafting, i decided to go bold and do the same.

kittyville had surgery

i added some Fast stripes, grafted her back shut, and gave the hat 6 balls pom-poms. and now it is my great pleasure to introduce to you:

kittyville, the large mouth bass edition.
kittyville number three all done

FO Report
pattern: kittyville hat
sensations bellezza tesoro 100% wool in blue, cream and yellow (dude, this stuff was on sale at jo-ann for $3 a ball. it’s REALLY soft, sproingy and stretchy, too.)
knitpicks options US7
date started:
date finished:
date hacked in half and finished again:
um, the whole cutting it in half thing. i also did the italian tubular cast-on which is currently my favorite cast on for hats, socks, and stranded mittens, but that wasn’t really a pattern modification. other than that, not really much of anything.


9 responses to “thug life, shifty rolls the dice, snake-eyed surprise

  1. i am still smittenkitten in that hat. keep big and small fingers crossed for sam – he’s interviewing (2X!) today.

  2. i didn’t understand much, but i love how you “fixed” the hat to Go Real Fast — love it!

  3. I love that hat- and I love that yarn too- I would totally buy it if I saw it on sale.

    I was going to make a totally inappropriate comment, esp since I don’t know you that well, about the pom poms (what’s the difference between a pom pom and a pom pon?), but I will refrain.

  4. cuuuuuuuuuuute! i want one! but i suppose only one person can have the hacked in half but fixed with excellent racing stripes hat. here i am, still working on scarves. i’ll never break out of it…

  5. The new kittyheadthing looks like some sort of crazy under-helmet headgear for the space fighter pilots in the science fiction show that exists in my head.

    Yes, there is a running science fiction show in my head. Leave off.

  6. I love your knitting, Heather. I also love going real fast. Do you sell any of your creations?

  7. I’m just really glad that you put racing stripes so that you can go really fast. That’s my favorite part.

  8. can you knit thong underwear?

  9. mariamamamamamamamamamamama – YAY! i’m glad you’re still kittensmitten, and i’m all crossed up still.

    capello – thanks! that’s sort of how i felt about the lego advent calendar.

    cathi – balls away, woman. :)

    plm – you can totally do things other than scarves. you just gotta start doing it!

    chris – omg, you and the pants both with the science fiction shows that exist solely in your head…

    grunt – i should start selling them, shouldn’t i? think of all the cash i could make. i’d be making tens every month! ;)

    jay are – that’s my favorite part, too.

    ev – yes i can, but as of yet i never have.

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