2 things that are lovely

1. i have a job interview tomorrow. for a real bonafide job. wish me luck.

2. haiku girl is a good friend that i’m sad i’ve never met. i think that we were meant to be friends in real life, and if we can ever get our crap together, we should hang out and knit stuff and paint and talk about boys.


8 responses to “2 things that are lovely

  1. Is it the job you told me about? Good luck!

  2. woah! i am wishing you so much luck right now, it is INSANE!

  3. yay, a real job! good luck!

  4. Good luck with the job interview, Heather. I hope they line the floor with C-notes for ya.

  5. Oooo good luck! Fingers crossed :D

  6. good luck, HF.
    if wishing you good luck were people, i’d be China.
    PS. i can’t believe how many posts i’ve missed over the last two wks. and only, like, 8 of them were about knitting!

  7. retroactive good luck!!

  8. Um. HELLO. All this good luck on the job and not one bit of good luck on us being REAL LIFE friends. Priorities, people. Priorities!

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