i am nimrod, hear me gurgle

how do i do this so often?

so, friday night i’m at the batting cages with the pants, the pants’ BFF (avocados still intact), the pants’ BFF’s fiancee, and i take another ball to the hand.


a softball.

anyhow, the thing is, i’ve taken a 50 mph and a 60 mph baseball to the hand, and still have no fear of being hit by the ball. but why does the slow pitch softball draw blood?

now, i have a swollen, bloody thumb and, it turns out, a propensity for standing in front of the ball.


4 responses to “i am nimrod, hear me gurgle

  1. Owwwwwww!!!! :( get better! keep yer eye on the ball.

  2. I’m pleased to see you are still making active use of the term “avocado!”


  3. swing through the ball and you won’t get hit. i’ve told you this before :-)

  4. if it were me, i’d get hit in the face. me and sports dont get along too good.

    best one ever: puktw

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