but you think that’s okay while you’re sleeping

we gots ants. they’re all over a bookcase and my knitting spot.

i have no idea how they’re getting in, and that’s unnerving. when i was little, we moved into a new house, i got a brand new bed, and one night when i wouldn’t sleep and i kept crying, my mom came in and found a colony of ants in our new house had decided to welcome me by crawling all over me in my bed and snacking on my 3 year old self.

ants aren’t my favorite.

this sucks.


5 responses to “but you think that’s okay while you’re sleeping

  1. lemon pledge works in a pinch to cover up their trail and eat through their little ant shells – the acid in the lemon – so that the ants die writhing, agony-filled deaths.

    Not that I’ve ever done such a thing to ant invaders.

  2. argh. i hate ants. (actually? i hate anything that’s not welcomed into my home, but whatever.)

    we usually have a HUGE ant problem in the spring and mid-summer. we’ve tried everything. the only thing that has ever worked was these little killing baits that have a liquid in them (so you have to be super careful). for the life of me, i can’t remember what they are called but they work spectacularly. they kill the queen and then the entire colony distructs and die.

    you know, like the roman empire.

  3. mariamamanhatanamamamama

    atleast they aren’t cockroaches…

  4. i thought for a second that this might be a knitting-free post (i figured ants don’t knit…) but it only lasted half a sentence.
    maybe it’s a message, i don’t know…

  5. My bed became a home for ants once when I was little, too. It was terrible. ugh.

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