on taking wool for granted

i’ve finished the back, left front, and one sleeve of the gull stitch cardigan from winter 2005 IK. and i decided to go ahead and block the back and the left front.

however, i set the washer (gentle cycle, in a lingerie bag) for a little too long. and it felted. not a ton, not disastrously, but it did felt. i’ve not lost too much – luckily. the back lost 3/4″ width, 2″ length, which is okay, because i chose the size with almost 5″ of ease, and it would have been 27″ from shoulder to bottom hem. but still…

gull stitch cardi 001
the color isn’t great – it’s actually a much softer, warmer brown in person

i did, however, lose some of the definition in the cables… here’s the gull stitch panel on the semi-felted back:

gull stitch cardi somewhat felted

and the same motif on the unwashed, unblocked sleeve:

gull stitch cardi 003

so now, the trick will be getting the right front and the sleeves to semi-felt the exact same amount.

i hate that i did this to my own knitting, because i feel like a giant dolt.


2 responses to “on taking wool for granted

  1. Is it bad of me to think that the felted version actually looks quite lovely? And you don’t need 5″ of ease. I think it would look much better with just an inch or two of ease, so that it has shrunk is good. Show off that fabby figure babes :D (oh, and thank you for commenting so nicely btw – I’ve not had chance to email to confirm you aren’t a stalker ;D)

  2. Ooh, my sympathies. But bryony is right – it looks lovely just as it is!

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