dear great steak and potato co.,

next time, please try to not name sandwiches things like “ham explosion“.

thank you.



4 responses to “dear great steak and potato co.,

  1. How about “Panecea Pastrami”? You think it is the sandwich that will fill your needs and lead to lasting happiness, but, in the end it just leads you blissfully ignorant into bondage, and/or self destruction. What a clever, complicated, and melodramaticly deceptive sandwich that would be. Well, just about all food that isn’t broccoli and bran does that to me. Damn McDonald’s!

  2. ah… the melodrama of the sandwich world…

  3. If you’re going to make it gross, at least shorten it to Hamsplosion.

  4. okay, now that made me laugh out loud. luckily i wasn’t eating ham, or it would have been a real hamsplosion.

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