breaking a giant stick into manageable portions

this is my dog. (well, technically, he’s mr. pants’ dog now. regardless, ernie doesn’t know that.) he loves to eat sticks. right now, in mr. pants’ yard, there are giant 8 foot long sticks that are so straight that they’re not fresh off the tree. but i don’t really know what their purpose is…

other than to tempt ernie to pick them up and gallop around with 8 foot sticks, that he then chomps on to make into 9 inch sections of stick that he can shew on an spit out.

i think he likes them because sticks taste like dirt. and wood, i suppose.

in other news, isn’t my cameraphone ridiculously good? it’s almost too good, if you ask me. whatever that means. not in a “oooh! look at me with my fancy cameraphone!” way, but in a “whoa – we live in a supatechnological freakin’ age, yo.” sort of way.


4 responses to “breaking a giant stick into manageable portions

  1. cutiepie. My Daisy is crazy about sticks in the same way. The bigger the better and the larger the number of small sticks to be made. Somebody has GOT to make the small sticks!

  2. what type o’ phone do you have? my current phone is a piece o’ sheeeeeat!!

    (deleted my other comment because it submit waaaaaaay before i was done. oops.)

  3. littlegoat, ernie misses you. in fact he talks about you often.

    cherz, thanks to the “delete forever” choice, i can make you look like you’re insane, talking about comments that were never posted.

  4. Part of me thinks you are just showing off your camera phone, Heather.

    Is that wrong for me to assume the worst? I am sorry. Having a pretty bad week.

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