it really socks….

i finished a sock for like the first time, EVAR.

it was a snowflake sock. on US2 needles. i actually like knitting on tiny needles because the stitches are so small and pretty.

but it’s official: i’m not a sock knitter. i finally finished a cuff-down sock, and did the dreaded grafting of the toe.

and i can’t think of any reason i’d go and knit another sock. not even to finish the pair.


2 responses to “it really socks….

  1. Well, just because everyone else is doing it, it doesn’t mean it is right for you as well :) You knit what you damn well want to :D Like more Rogues. And cool things.

  2. while I understand your reluctance to knit socks, I think there’s a considerable amount of fun to be had in darning socks. If for no other reason that to say “darn socks!”

    This semester is long.

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