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eight years ago, i had long hair, was totally skinny, had nary a wrinkle and was good at crossword puzzles.

today, things are a little different.

but this is my favorite picture of me possibly ever.

5 responses to “crossword

  1. that is a great picture for sure. Have it around as inspiration and maybe, if you don’t think that’s where you are now, you can get there again. Oh, wait, maybe that would be like time travel. I’ve found that difficult my own self.

  2. I find that I am getting better looking as I age. You look great now, and in that picture, Heather.

  3. Were you still on your groovy train then?

    I screwed up when I got off my the groovy train a couple years ago.

  4. jay are, i say a little “hubba hubba” every time i see your picture icon again. and if you figure out that time travel thing, i’ll be able to skip over the parts when i ride on airplanes.

    the grunt, aw, thanks… and shucks.

    steve, i have a 12″ vinyl single of “groovy train” with a million remixes. how’s that for being a farm nerd. however nerd should really be “poser” because that’s the only farm music that i have.

  5. I must say, in a dozen someodd years of listening to Groovy Train, (I’m rather a Farm Poser myself), you’re the only other person I’ve met, in 4 states and 2 countries who owns Groovy Train.

    We’ve got Groovy Train and Sweeney Todd… kismet, I tell ya.

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