1. the side of my right hand is swollen from the baseball bat
  2. since last saturday (8 days ago) i have paid to stand in a cage and have 1,000 baseballs and softballs lobbed at me
  3. i’m getting quite good
  4. next time i’ll try the 60 mph hardball cage
  5. enough about the batting cages
  6. annie is going to ireland in the morning – lucky annie!
  7. conan o’brien’s funny
  8. bob newhart’s still alive
  9. i have a food craving that’s simultaneously alluring and repulsive
  10. for a deep-fried ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich served with jam
  11. this is, of course, a monte cristo sammich
  12. now that i’ve listed the ingredients, i’m even more allured and repulsed
  13. off the topic of monte cristos, i’ve become enamored of persian food
  14. particularly adas polo with chicken
  15. from caspian in irvine
  16. i’m starving
  17. which is ridiculous because i just finished dinner 2 hours ago
  18. but going to the batting cages every day or every other day is a serious workout
  19. and my left deltoid muscle is getting very large
  20. so i’m practicing switch-hitting occasionally to get better at batting righty
  21. no new pictures – sorry!
  22. the dog is okay – the final verdict remains to be seen
  23. seriously, i’m starving
  24. and tired
  25. so good night

8 responses to “randomania

  1. wow, my brain doesn’t know what to comment on right now.

    mmmm…deep fried food sounds good :)

    yeah, that’s what I chose to comment on.

  2. What kind of jam are you having with that Monte Cristo sammich, Heather?

  3. raspberry jam, the grunt.

  4. Hey Heather,

    I am glad I was included in your blog…made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am in Galway. I give you a call when I get a chance. Right now I just want to go to sleep.

    Love ya,

  5. I had a Monte Cristo once. I rather enjoyed it, though it was quite rich.

    Raspberry is the default jam with a Monte Cristo, right? That’s what I understood. Good stuff, maynard.

  6. are you preggers?

  7. mariamamamamamama: that would be a negatory.

    (and ftr, this is how rumors get started)

  8. If you were to dip a Monte Cristo sandwich in Chocolate fondue, would you be able to say you had a Count of Monte Cristo sandwich?

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