oh the clock… say the words to make it stop

i had an amazing weekend. here’s photographic proof of the good time i had:

love nerds watching baseball

see? mr. pants and i are smiling! okay, even though it’s not really pants’ face, you get the idea.

we went to a baseball game. don’t believe me? well, shame on you. i don’t lie. here’s a picture so i can prove myself to you.

quakes game

don’t you feel ashamed now?

pants and i drove around my hometown, went to parks, looked at overlooks. we talked about the future, we talked about the past, we talked about the nature of man in the context of eternity and milton. it was a perfect weekend.

and early early monday morning (some might call it sunday night), ernie bit mr. pants’ stepbrother on the hands and arms*. now we have to decide what to do with a dog that bites people.

it’s been a pretty lousy day.

*there were some relevant circumstances, but ernie’s bite response was FAR beyond warranted. it’s a little scary.


4 responses to “oh the clock… say the words to make it stop

  1. sounds like a great weekend—er, until the end there. What happened?? What does it mean??

  2. Just curious…why is it that your man’s (at least, I assume that’s your man) face is always obscured in pictures? Is he Wilson from the “Home Improvement” tv show? Is he in the witness protection program, so if his real face was shown the mafia would know where he lives and try to kill him? Is he a superhero who if his secret identity were revealed on the internet, his villians would try to hurt him by hurting you? Such a mystery…anyway, hope you’re doing well.

  3. jay are – yes, the end of the weekend wasn’t a good point… an unfortunate series of events led to the incident with the dog and the stepbrother. as to what it means, that’s still uncertain.

    ed.k – he’s obscured in pictures because of the fact that he actually doesn’t have a face and it makes hi self-conscious. and all the reasons you posit above. you’re very clever. :)

  4. mr. pants is looking good. obviously he TOTALLY wants to be asian (b/c we’re SO much smarter and we’re really good at chutes and ladders). sorry to hear about ernie and the stepbro. doesn’t sound like the happy-go-lucky ernie with the super heavy feet that i know. -sigh-

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