happy mid-august!

dear michaels craft store,

it’s august 16.

knock it off.

thank you,


11 responses to “happy mid-august!

  1. I was just at Michael’s yesterday. There were cardboard boxes in the aisles, stuff that had been delivered recently. In the boxes were Christmas items. Yes, Christmas.

  2. Well, eventually they’ll get it right and I still won’t notice. Seriously though, I have been there before.

  3. Well, if there’s one thing I hate it’s getting stuck buying things last-minute in the Halloween rush. Kudo’s to Michaels for giving me the chance to get it all done early.

  4. PS – There should not have been an apostrophe in “kudos.” I am apparently on crack.

  5. I’m sure that 1000 years from now when $5.99 Halloween decorations from Michaels are carefully preserved and displayed in museums as valueable artifacts of an ancient civilization, the question of why Halloween decorations were sold in August will be a hot debate in history classes. And hey, sorry we didn’t really hang out when you were in town…maybe next time. It was good to see you though!

  6. dear ed.k,

    i’m still in town. will be likely for several months. the possibilities are endless.


  7. Cool…I didn’t know you were going to be here a few months. Then sometime in those few months some hanging out will commence. And yes, I’ve always adored alliteration.

  8. word.

  9. Maybe they’re gearing up for Talk like a Pirate Day…?

  10. do we need a special display for that?

    that one’s already in my heart.

  11. NOOOO! I’m ot quite ready for halloween yet… I JUST started working on my costume!

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