what on earth is wrong with me?

how is it that i JUST found out that fergie from black eyed peas is stacy from kids incorporated*?

*bonus prize to those who can ID the person next to stacy without cheating.


9 responses to “what on earth is wrong with me?

  1. she is NOT! omg! this changes everything! she..wow. that crazy.

    K! I! D! S!

    i am going to be singing that for the rest of the day.

  2. I just found out from you. I totally see it now. How weird.

    Looks like we made it!

  3. is that…j love? couldn’t be…

  4. yay pei lo mein! it’s j love!

  5. I found that out recently too!! I used to LOVE that show!

  6. I confess, I never watched Kids Incorporated, except maybe once or twice, so I wouldn’t have known. However, since I remember once hearing that J Love was on the show, I can’t take any true credit for guessing her correctly without cheating.

  7. wasn’t britney spears and … jake timber…son…. or whatever the singer guys name is… weren’t they on that show?

  8. nope, cherz, that was the new mickey mouse club.

  9. stab in the dark.. Jennifer Love Hewitt? Or her evil twin…”Love” the very untalented pop star wannabe…

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