knickers in a knot

dear staff at euphoria nails and spa,

thanks for letting me know that there’d be a wait for my walk-in pedicure. (i really didn’t mind. if you walk in, you sometimes have to wait. that’s the way the world works.) i sat in your shiny, new waiting area after picking out my nail polish. i had wanted to flip through some heavy reading like us weekly or people or in touch, but didn’t mind waiting and not looking through those magazines. because you didn’t have magazines. but you had a receptionist that was standing over the shoulder of someone applying acrylic nails to a woman wearing hair that only exists in the 909.

it was a little odd that i was waiting because there were three (3) employees sitting in the pedicure chairs. one was sleeping. but i’m actually one of the more patient people in the world. so i entertained myself for about 15 minutes. sending text and picture messages, thinking about the future, wondering what the $8 difference between the spa pedicure ($17) and the deluxe pedicure ($25) was. in many ways, i’m pretty self-sufficient. besides, i was there because my mom and sister kept talking about your new, fancy pedicure chairs.

i wasn’t expecting to get to sit in your superfancy pedicure chairs so quickly, especially since the number of people working, talking, and/or sleeping hadn’t changed in the those 15 minutes. the water in the tub was slightly more generous than tepid, but when i asked you to warm it up, you added about 2 tablespoons of tepid water which was very relaxing.

however the water got cold after i sat there, completely ignored for 15 minute with my toes pruning up in the water. so i took my feet out of the water (the bubble jets were starting to bother me, and no longer feel relaxing). i appreciate that you ran over in 10 seconds to ask if the water was cold (thereby indicating you knew i was sitting there long enough for the water to get cold). when i said that the water was indeed cold, you emptied the tub, refilled it with tepid water, and wandered off again.

i regret that i didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye after the water got cold a second time and no one had acknowledged my presence otherwise. i took my time drying off my feet. i even turned the bubble jets off, and drained the tub before i left because it seemed wasteful to leave it running and whatnot.

the real shame of it all is that i’m an amazing tipper and i come back every 2 weeks like clockwork, and once i come a lot, i start rounding my amazing tips up even more.

anyhow, i probably won’t have a chance to drop in and hang out like that for 45 minutes again, so take care!

love and stuff,


5 responses to “knickers in a knot

  1. that is amazing. I want to make sure I never go to that place. They were lucky it was you and not some loudmouthed bad-tempered maniac with a gun. Because I’m pretty sure they’d all be dead right now. (Or perhaps maniacs with guns aren’t generally pausing mid-rant to get a pedicure. I’m not sure on the protocol). Excellent customer service.

  2. How euphoric.

  3. I have had similar things happen to me at favorite joints and such. You stay out of loyalty, then it just gets to that point where enough is enough. Right on, Heather.

  4. I love using area codes as insults. GENIUS. That’s SO 425, man. Did you see the eyeliner on her?

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