the unending excuse?

how long do i get to tell you that i’ll do a proper post soon before you stop believing me?

anyhow, i uploaded a ton of old pictures to flickr a few moments ago. by and large, they’re from when i lived in new orleans (1997-99) and georgia (2000-01).

among cool pics of my jake friend in flight being observed by the dog

man in motion

and beeeeyoutiful pictures of the lovely littlegoat on our kitchen counter

mina on the counter

are a ton of pictures of ernie as a pup and a young dog…

puppy profilelazy eye babyernietop dog, under dogtiny erniejoint attentionhugging the petmolly and baby ernie

i can’t remember if i mentioned it, but mr. pants has taken the dog into his home. it’s a good home, and i’ll still get to see ernie whenever i go see mr. pants (he’s also in CA at the moment). so that’s a good thing.

if only he’d stop peeing all over the house (ernie, not mr. pants).


5 responses to “the unending excuse?

  1. OK, it was in Georgia? The pic of me? I can see how that’s possible. I guess I just don’t remember the microwave over the stove like that.

    hehe. Man, I’ve lived a lot of places since then. I’m not moving for a long time now. I hate moving.

    I look so young.

  2. Oooh. I missed the last part. I’m so glad you found a suitable place for Blernie.

    Of course, you’re in Cali now that I’m going to Denver in August. Doh!

  3. heatherfeather

    ha, no it was in new orleans – in our kitchen on st. charles.

    and i can’t believe you’re going to denver now.

    wanna make another trip to my town in california with the funny name? :)

  4. when’s the san diego part of the trip? good pics and all, but if you leave without giving me a little shout-out, there could be ramifications.

    yeah, that’s right, i said ramifications. dire in nature.

  5. glad you’re back. ernie was almost as cute as nawa as a puppy. but i’m not going to start any fights about it.

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