time flies when you’re knitting drumsticks

i’ve been chugging away on the ribbed corset by annie modesitt. in fact, i met up with alpineflower yesterday to work on it a bit.

alpineflower finished knitting her viking chicken hat. woot! just finishing to go and it’ll be ready to plop on her baby’s head as soon as s/he is born!

Time flies when you're knitting drumsticks
she knitted the last drumstick in no time flat.

anyhow, here’s the corset as of 12:30 pm on july 2.

annie modesitt ribbed corset WIP

i’m really liking knitting this, and finding that even the miles of ribbing isn’t too dreadfully boring. it’s a really fast knit, and there are cable details (on which i’m not 100% sold, but they keep the boredom at bay with the ribbing) that look better when stretched out. the bust decreases (and i’m sure subsequent hip increases) are lovely. i’m remembering to knit the buttonholes every 6 rows and everything.

here are the thumbnails – as ever, click through for larger sizes and better detail.

annie modesitt ribbed corset WIP annie modesitt ribbed corset cable detail annie modesitt ribbed corset bust decreases annie modesitt ribbed corset top lace edging


5 responses to “time flies when you’re knitting drumsticks

  1. heatherfeather

    when i started taking pictures there was decent cloud cover making the lighting less harsh, but as is always the case, the sun emerged to shine on me.


  2. The chicken viking hat is so silly I LOVE it!

  3. can’t wait to see it one….raaarrr!

  4. I saw a viking chicken hat just like that in the store!

  5. Love it- the hat and the corset. What yarn are you using for the corset? I hope to make one this summer, although all plans keep getting pushed farther and farther back.

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