dear walgreens,




4 responses to “really?

  1. What the hell is that?! That’s just wrong…

  2. OMG! i saw that today too and was totally confused. PLEASE–my christmas present?

  3. scandalous! i need wet wipes for my eyes!

  4. dear hf

    We at Walgreens would like to apologize. Your posting clearly indicates your confusion over the Female Frog Fertility god Idol (item# D33796FFFGI) now on sale in our stores. Obviously, this particular store was sold out of the Male Frog Fertility God Idol (item# D33797MFFGI) which clearly defines itself by the extended and erect 4 inch penis. Typically these items are displayed together and offered for a variety of uses such as bookends, mail holders, music stand or marital aids. We hope this has satisfactory explained the display and we are happy to say we are sending you the pair of Male and Female Fertility God Idols free of charge.

    Thank you for shopping Walgreens.

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