to the pain

it’s too big, it’s unbecoming, and i loathed knitting it. and i am so done with it, i took a picture of it on over my jammies.

off to the frog pond, you!

however, i’m loving the honeymoon cami AND the brown sheep cotton fleece i’m using…

honeymoon cami 001

5 responses to “to the pain

  1. um you could wear it as pajamas i guess?

  2. Dear God, what is that hideous thing?

    (I just wanted so much to make the connection. I have been fighting the urge for a day now)

  3. yeeeah, calla… you know, mine’s finished too, and while i pretty much hate it on its own, it looks smashing under a blazer. if you’re going to be doing a blazer kind of thing anytime soon, that is.

  4. Did you make it up to Estes? I think the tank looks cute, but if it’s too big, it might show more of you than you’d like.
    love the subtle reference to my fave movie, btw.

  5. I don’t have a fashion eye so much as a talent and skill eye. You are really good–I assume you knitted this. My deceased grandmother was a knitting maniac and she was seriously gifted. Hey, I just noticed, thanks for linking me.

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