so THAT happened

so, i had a date last week.

i never have dates.

and now it’s a regular sort of a thing.

holy crap, i think i got a boyfriend.


10 responses to “so THAT happened

  1. awwwwww!!! Cute!!!! there’s not enough info here…what’s his name?

  2. sweet! you going to tell us all about it or what?
    i wanna know the good shit too. don’t be holdin back.

  3. So unfair!!! Tease!

  4. Zoinks. Does he know?

  5. Good luck with these.

  6. heatherfeather

    it’s someone i went to school with. he does know.

    and it’s really really good being with him.

    picture here.

  7. villanovababy

    aw…what a sweet picture…

  8. i guess this means you’re not going to be calling me up every day and telling me how much you love me? i for one, am not comfortable with this.

    j/k, just keep rocking it! or whatever!

  9. heather, can you and new boyfriend come to guinea? i want to meet him! and maybe you, new boyfriend, Reid, and I can go on a double date….

    just a thought.

    ps – love the picture.

  10. hi. good to hear. it’s spreading like wildfire in the family now that i’ve gotten wind of it. haha. i kid. still, good to hear. good luck.

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