hi, i’m alive

graduation and subsequent parties were good!

there’s other good stuff, too.

and then there’s the moving stuff – as in back in with mom. i moved out 11 years ago. and i’m moving back in. which is awesome because of the $$ it will save me. but will be different. not bad, but different.

who wants an ernie to take home?


9 responses to “hi, i’m alive

  1. Where does your mom live again? It’s far away, isn’t it?

  2. villanovababy

    What? But we just became bloggy friends! I don’t want you to move away!

  3. oh yeah, moving in with the the mom. i am becoming an expert on this. for me, it’s only been seven years. but still, it is an adjustment. as i have said before, “online counseling available gratis” because by the time you move home, i’ll be an expert.

  4. Ooh, that means you’ll be close to me!!! And Erik!! and other people!!

  5. Afraid I just don’t have room for an ernie. Already have an Elmo, Zoey, Grover and Oscar. Just can’t take any more in.

  6. I want Ernie, but I can’t have him. Yes, I know I’ve said this before, but it deserves repeating.

    Why won’t your mom let you keep him?

  7. Yay! You’re coming home.

  8. heatherfeather

    yay! i love youse guys!

    and littlegoat – my sister is SOOOO allergic to ernie’s i won’t be able to bring him. boo.

  9. Moving in with your family, eh? Welcome to hell.

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