if the devil don’t dance, heaven won’t shine

yesterday, i wore a funny hat, polyester dress, and a white hood (really? i had to wear a white hood?) and wandered around the floor of the hockey arena

see me?

i wore shoes that were hurty, i shook hands with a chancellor and some deans, my face was on a jumbotron. i met the family of my friends who have saved my sanity over the past 2 years, i introduced my family to them. i went out to dinner with my mom, my sister and aunt.

michelle, mom, me, jeanie

i am truly blessed by wonderful friends, by amazing family. and my mom remembers everything. for instance, she remembers that when i was little i said i wanted musical instruments for major life occasions – specifically that i wanted a piano for a wedding gift. i am not engaged.

but i finished grad school yesterday. so my mom stepped absolutely outside of her comfort zone, and had been working with some people at the denver folklore center to give me the instrument i’d been quietly wanting for 6-7 years.

fretboard heart mcspadden pegs tuners
highlights for children

i actually cried when i opened it. not a lot, just a little. and played it in the fancy pants restaurant where we were dining. which seemed fitting – it has strings, we were at strings. it’s so instinctive for me to play it. it sounds frighteningly like bagpipes when you play “amazing grace” with the slide.

i came home and fidgeted with it for a long time… i love it. it’s exactly the one i wanted – cherry back and top, linked a few months ago with little fanfare. my momma rocks…

mountain dulcimer

today i wish i lived in north carolina.

edit: it’s a mountain dulcimer. :)


22 responses to “if the devil don’t dance, heaven won’t shine

  1. Congrats on becoming a Slacker With an Advanced Degree! You can thank Thomas for alerting us.

  2. Congrats on becoming a Slacker With an Advanced Degree! You can thank Thomas for alerting us.

    (Yes, I just copied and pasted that. Yes, I’m a slacker.)

  3. congrats!!

    that’s a pretty instrument…what is it called? I like it. I love the hearts on it too :)

  4. Many congrats on finishing grad school!

    And may you have plenty of time now to play that beautiful dulcimer.

  5. Congratulations, Heather. Welcome to the club. Now pull up a couch.

  6. congrats–i now wish i had been there. please send me a recording of you playing your new instrument. love you!

  7. Congratulations! Does your degree say “Official Smarty Pants” – – or something even smarter sounding?

  8. mazal tov!! welcome to the world of the jaded and grad-iated (i have yet to arrive myself…). the dulcimer is beautiful. i’m so happy you finally got one. ditto on the recordings. i wanna hear it!

  9. Congratulations on graduating. That is an interesting way of describing the experience. So, what advanced degree are you going to pursue next?

  10. The Gangster of Love

    Congratulations Heather!!! Student loans ROCK!

  11. I hereby certify you a Slacker With An Advanced Degree, Heather.

  12. CONGRATS!!
    And what an awesome gift from such a great mom. A dulcimer…that’s pretty cool. And pretty impressive that you play it. I would want one just for the cool factor–to hang up and say “lookee here” but to be able to play one too!! Neato bandido.

  13. Yea!!! Way to go folkrocker!

  14. Congratulations on your graduation.

    Beautiful dulcimer.

    I love Amazing Grace on bagpipes. It’s my most favorite song in the world.

  15. Congrats Heather. Hey, nice dulcimer….ooh. that almost sounds dirty..heehee

  16. Congratulations!

    I’m so happy for you. It’s always nice to be done. I hope all goes well for you! Let me know if you need anything, I know people. Nobody of any consequence, but I know people. I can get you a free lunch at the McDonald’s in Lakewood Washington!

  17. Congratulations!

  18. The Gangster of Love

    Aren’t Bright Eyes GREAT?!

  19. love the new tagline, btw

  20. Yes!


    And what a great mommy you have. (:

  21. Wow! Congratulations Heather!! Are you planning on going back to the UN and get us out of the mess we’re in? ‘cuz that would be super. :-)
    And you have the best momma in the world! How cool was that?

  22. Congratulations! What a wonderful time!

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