we’re gonna need a larger trophy

my lifetime record as undefeated at trivial pursuit remains intact. to be fair, i thought my opponent would win, but as when he had all 6 of his pieces and was trying to get to the middle of the board, i staged an amazing comeback, and got my last 4 pieces, made it to the center, and answered the game winning question in a single turn.


who’s next?


5 responses to “we’re gonna need a larger trophy

  1. I wish I could say I was undefeated at trivial pursuit. Unfortunately, when I was eleven, I challenged my fifth grade teacher to a game. Yeah, I got walloped.

    But I haven’t lost in the last 20 years!

  2. I don’t think it counts when you play Trivial Pursuit with your dog, Heather.

  3. very cool! haven’t played that for a long time and now I wanna again. Match? (I won’t even ruffle your record).

  4. Why they call that game Trivial Pursuit? You not really pursuing anything, especially trivia. They should call that game what it really am… like…
    “Let’s see who’s a smarty pants”
    “Thank you Mr/Ms Know-it-all”
    “Screw you! I knew THAT one! Why the hell don’t I get all the easy questions like YOU do?”

  5. Have you memorized the questions in the standard deck, yet? It seems like the more one plays, the better one would get, as long as she had a capacity for memory that far surpassed most people’s, which I’m pretty sure you do, you trivia-game-dominating freak! (;

    I’ve seen you watch Jeopardy. I know better than to play Trivial Pursuit with you. heh.

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