the miracles of blocking

i had some serious tension issues with my t twist tee (designed by jenifer!)

see my issues?

t twisty tee

then i washed and blocked and was very loving to it when drying (i.e. tugging the stitches into a somewhat more even fashion). and it got much better!

t twisttee detail

here’s the whole thing, complete with sunglasses because i’m just cool like that.

t twisttee blocked

there’s a shot of me wearing it preblocking here.

calla is also done, finished, washed, and blocked. and it’s too big. and i didn’t think about how the back, sans cables would be several inches bigger than the front. so i’m going to reknit it in a smaller size and fix the back so it’s not saggy. someday.

unrelated, i love target and isaac mizrahi! look at my fun shirt!

target halter

3 responses to “the miracles of blocking

  1. that is a cute shirt!!! Whoa! Makes me a little dizzy :)

  2. villanovababy

    that is a darling shirt…. You’re so summery!

  3. heather–forget about the shirt, YOU are too cute!

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