when my medicine cabinet door squeaks, it sounds like a stereotype of a 1920’s gangster.

“oh, a wise guy, eh? you wanna talk to mugsy, eh?”

and every time i hear the name mugsy, i think of that lame dude dressed like a 1920’s gangster at that place in new york that’s like a slum version of milk and honey… east side company bar?


4 responses to “random

  1. eastside company bar! free drinks! mariama misses heatherfeather in ny. :(

  2. Love this blog.

  3. You need to “take care of” your medicine cabinet door.

  4. I can picture this: a cabinet door fliping a coin and chewing on a toothpick. Maybe a black pinstripe cover, a rose, and a white fedora to top it all off? I’m just spit balling here.

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