731 days ago

i moved into the tiny house section of this house in altitude city with the help of someone i haven’t talked to since june of 2004 after a 1.5 day drive with a rowdy dog and some clothes that flew out of the back of someone else’s truck somewhere in arizona.

if i remember correctly, i unloaded my crap from my friend’s truck, tried to find somewhere to get food (traffic was awful on federal as it was the cinco de mayo crawl thingie), i was starving and it took me forever to find somewhere to eat. not knowing there was an amazing mexican restaurant around the corner from my house.

i dug out some blankets and a pillow, laid out on the only carpeted floor in my apartment and slept fitfully with my dog that first night. i believe i cried myself to sleep for reasons unrelated to the move, the apartment, or the city.

i’ve had the same address for two years. the last time that happened, um… i think it was the house i grew up in until i moved out to go to college 11 years ago.



8 responses to “731 days ago

  1. At 5′ 2″ , I’m not sure those ceilings are all that low….

  2. when I first moved to Denver in ’84 we lived at 36th and vrain, right behind the roller coaster at old eliches, we lived in a furnished ” apartment” in the basement of the landlord’s house. We never could get a parking spot in the summer time LOL, the celings there were about the same as you describe. and the landlords were a couple in their 80’s who had nothing better to do all day than be nosey about what we did!

    it is nice to stay put for a while too.

  3. Since 1995, I have lived in 12 different places (I think that’s right — I may be forgetting one or two). Good times.

  4. wow. i though i moved a lot. seven places since 1998, and it’s about to become nine later this summer (sub-lease for two months in another city, then come back and move).

  5. And you lived to tell about it. Do you have a handy date calculator, or have you been tallying the days on the wall?

  6. Hey there! So sad/happy that you found Lambshoppe! :) And your t twist is sooo cute! I love it.

  7. ok, i just have to tell you that i am in love with ernie. i can tell he rocks just by lookin at him.

  8. good job, you’re almost like me–3 cities in 30 years, so beat that!

    wait a second, are you trying to be like me again?? it’s all a little too coincidental…

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