camisole tube is 98% finished

i restarted it on saturday night and finished knitting it last night. i’m in the process of crocheting the straps, it needs blocking, and end-weaving. this time, i did it in size XS because i totally wear that size.

(crickets chirp)

well, shut up, it was good for my ego.
anyhow, here’s what happens when you use a too big yarn for the pattern and don’t swatch carefully enough.

camisole tube 001 camisole tube 002
here’s what happens when you downsize to a size XS with the same yarn and needles:

camisole tube WIP camisole tube WIP camisole tube WIP
anyhow, i’m posting this from school since this is what i can do. and my friend scott wondered what i was doing posting these sorts of pictures of myself… um, it’s KNITTING. it’s not anything else.

i also finished knitting jenifer’s t twist tee. something happened when i joined the sleeves – my knitting got stoopid and it was like i forgot how to regulate tension. jenifer, i’ll take proper pictures once it’s been blocked and hopefully i can yank some of the tension back into place. in the meantime:

t twist tee
t twist tee
i like this fun concept, good neckline, yay jenifer!- it’s in supafly 10 cotton, but a full FO report later kiddos..

11 responses to “camisole tube is 98% finished

  1. I can’t relate to wanting an ego boost at all.

    What is that like?

  2. i feel kinda dirty reading this post, but in a good way.

  3. hubba hubba

    i mean, nice knitting

  4. Once again I thank you for posting pictures of your rack.

  5. shoot, i just bought you a shirt in M–now I have to return it for an XS.

  6. god damn, you’re a quick knitter. Do you have time to eat?

  7. screw eating, do you have time to knit me a twistytee? luuuurrrvvveeellyyyyy

  8. Me think you should stop now. It look great. Just tube of knitting, bra strap showing, yarn and knitting needles hanging down… REAL punk!!! So cool!! Love it!

    Oh and me know me am repeating meself, but….
    ***whistels and bangs on table***
    ***eyes pop out***
    ***tongue rolls out on floor***

    (really, it’m nice knitting!)

  9. Well HELLO there, Heather.

    Hubba hubba.

  10. Ahhhh – so that’s what the caribou is. ;)

    (feeling the smack across my face 800 miles away.)

  11. thomas – i’m surprised you can see the computer screen over the muscles.

    a-s – well whatever filthiness you read into it is your business

    jess – if i knew how to remove them for knitting shots, believe you me, i would.

    chris – you’re welcome.

    a-s – oh, my newfound ego boost will wither up if you hand me a shirt in size XS.

    littlegoat – i have found a way to infuse nutrients in yarn so that they enter my body through my skin thus eliminating the need to eat. if i’m not sleeping enough, i add some speed to the yarn.

    semaphoria – how could i deny you anything my lovely? and someone has a birthday coming up anyway…

    monstee – i knew i liked you.

    h-g – i’m just trying to make myself more attractive to you.

    cherz – i’d totally smack you if i had any idea as to what you were talking about. you’re such a banana problem.

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