saggy sleepface

saggy sleepface
Originally uploaded by swandive00.

it’s been rather quiet chez caribou (and for cherz and rob, my caribou hides in the back room. he and ernie are friends, but caribou made me sign a contract saying we’d never show his face) for a few reasons.

1. the timeless “blogger sucks” reason. so it’s a sort of miracle if you’re reading this post right now.

2. my computer is sooooooo dead. i mostly fixed the windows xp problem (read: installed it 4509241238410 times). but right now it’s missing that file we’ve all seen but can’t remember the proper name of (something with win32 in it. if you do remember it, well, that’s lovely). but now there’s a problem with my C: drive and it’s problematic enough that it can’t even self-diagnose because there are too many errors on the C: drive to find out what the errors are).

that’s basically it. so i’m blogging from flickr since blogger’s down.


and, did i mention… it’s 40 degrees colder today than it was yesterday and it’s snowing… grrrrrrrrrrr…


8 responses to “saggy sleepface

  1. i know–SNOW!!?!?!

  2. ooo – blogging from flickr! how resourceful!

  3. that picture with the beach ball is a little weird.

    sorry to hear about your computer. and your c: drive. and your win32 file. computers suck. i think we should all revert back to telegrams. or smoke signals.

  4. Blogger down? When did this happen?

  5. That’s one cute doggie.

  6. p-man: we love cherz, water wings and all.

  7. … pman – yer just now realizing that? your lazy eye is a little weird.

  8. i’d offer to kick people but i’m afraid my prosthetic foot would get in the way.

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